Our dermo-cosmetic products are safe , formulated with effective active principles and in optimal concentrations to achieve visible effects and suitable for the care of all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

Vegan cosmetics

We respect and love animals and that is why vegan cosmetics is an ethical alternative to the consumption of products of animal origin and also without reducing the effectiveness of the product, the line of dermo-cosmetic products from Kuora is free of ingredients of animal origin. We develop clean formulas free of substances that do not add anything to the skin.

Tratamiento KUORA

Beauty and Health in your DNA

Dermocosmetics is the meeting point between cosmetics and dermatology, products formulated safely, effectively and with visible results, prescribed by dermatologists and pharmacists.

These types of skin cosmetics are not beauty products to use; however, the benefits they produce are especially indicated to enhance our beauty. Our goal is to restore the health and beauty of the skin with dermocosmetic formulas based on R&D. The result is products with effective and personalized active ingredients, prescribed and endorsed by dermatologists and pharmacists.


Products focused on solving skin problems or for skin looking for visible and lasting results, perfect to include in the daily skin care routine.


Products developed to repair, care for, restore and protect dehydrated, dry, enzymatic skin, etc ...


Products that take care of your scalp in a natural and non-aggressive way. Specific products to treat imbalances

Take care of your skin in a natural way

The active principles of Kuora help to solve different common problems in skin and improving the condition and health of the skin due to chrono-aging, photoaging, or other circumstances that affect the skin and appear on your face or body, for both dry skin and oily skin, that is why the Kuora product range contains effective and safe active ingredients for all skin types.

What is Kuora dermocosmetics?

We develop and manufacture dermo-cosmetic products specially formulated for skin care and health , Kuora collaborates with health professionals (dermatologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists and pharmacists) , in the development of the products, guaranteeing maximum safety and efficacy. All our products are dermatologically tested in meticulous clinical studies.

Our brand has a wide range of dermo-cosmetic products, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Thanks to research and experience in the fields of dermatology, cosmetology and pharmacology, our dermo-cosmetic brand is constantly innovating to offer the latest and most effective solutions for the care of your skin.