Diaper Cream with Shea Butter & Aloe 100ml

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Protects, soothes and repairs skin redness and irritation in the nappy area of babies. Contains phytic acid that neutralizes the enzymatic action of faeces and urine, which cause skin irritations. Zinc Oxide is an effective absorbent and protective barrier, isolating the skin from irritating agents.


D-Panthenol has a regenerative effect and shea butter covers the skin with an invisible protectiiv film, preventing it from dehydration and protecting it from external aggressions. Extremely effective for skin regeneration and for soothing irritated skin. Aloe Barbadensis has hydrating, soothing, descongestive and regenerative effects and restores the skin’s natural pH.

Diaper cream allows transpiration keeping the diaper area dry and hydrated. Reduces and soothes irritation by creating a protective barrier to isolate the ezymes in the nappy and limiting microbial growth.

Hypoallergenic product. Tested under dermatollogical controls.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 g


Phytic Acid
Zinc Oxide
Shea Butter
Aloe Barbadensis


Apply a thin layer onto cleansed, dry baby’s bottom each time the nappy is changed. Non-occlusive. Fragrance-free. For external use only. Free of preservatives.


Tube 3,4 Fl.oz. 100 ml.e
pH 6,5
Paraben free
Alcohol free
Preservative free
Silicone free
Fragrance free
Hypoallergenic product